1938 Vintage Philco Console Radio - Restored to it's Former Glory

I had the pleasure of restoring the cabinet of this vintage Philco Console Radio.  After a little research, I discovered it was made in 1938.  Model 38-4XX.  It belongs to the daughter of the original owner and she had it in her garage for years.  As with most vintage items, it takes the children a few decades to appreciate these old things.  Her plan is to put it in her foyer.  Although it is not in working condition, the cabinet is beautiful and will create a conversation!

Because it had been stored for years, there was paint and assorted stains on the cabinet.  I had hoped to clean the cloth covering the speaker but it was disintegrated.  I opted to change the material in a complementary shade.

This piece took lots of cleaning, sanding, staining, and top coating to restore it to it's former glory!



Jenny Lind Rocker - Curbside Rescue!

A neighbor and friend called me late one night to tell me about a rocker in our neighbor's trash.  I have no shame about these things so I immediately ran up the street to retrieve it!  I told her we would talk later about who should have it.

The next day she came and I convinced her it could be fixed.  Nothing that a good scrubbing, wood glue, clamps and paint couldn't fix.  Sure she was leery but I had other people lined up to take it!  It is a good, heavy, solid wood piece that still is sold at many stores.

It was moldy, dirty, and falling apart.  I love a challenge!  She left the color up to me so I had some Country Grey chalk paint in my stash that is a very good neutral. Instead of wax, I used a poly topcoat so it could be used inside or out.

I would have kept it myself but my house is full and she is happy!



Antique Oak Chest Painted in a Beachy Blue

I have painted several of these antique oak chest of drawers.  While they are beautiful in the original state, they can be so charming painted in a vibrant color.  The owner has had this for almost 30 years and it has been an accent in every home she has lived in.  She was ready to give it color to brighten up a dark corner of her living room.  Chalk Paint and hand waxing really makes it a statement piece.



Executive Desk Restored With a Rich Dark Stain

This executive desk was brought to me by a couple who have fabulous taste.  They wanted to update the finish for their new home.  Originally a cherry stain, it was faded and worn on the top from years of good use.

After a thorough cleaning and sanding, a dark chocolate stain was applied twice, followed by 3 coats of oil based poly.  Then I cleaned and polished the leather top to bring back the glow.

The rich dark color really updated the look.  She loves it again!



Outdoor Wooden Chairs Painted and Preserved

Sometimes I forget to take a "before" picture in my excitement to start a new project.  They were painted with black spray paint previously. 

My client has had these chairs forever.  Just the right size for a small  porch.  They were pretty rickety and needed some repair work to make them sturdy again.  Sanding, priming and painting them in Duck Egg Blue (coordinating perfectly with her cushions) really gave them a fresh look.  I finished off with 2 coats of sealer to protect them from the elements.

Another example of keeping old things!  They can be pretty again with some fresh paint and topcoat.