Update for a 1980's Coffee Table

Unfortunately I don't have a before picture of this coffee table.  I'm pretty sure it's from the 80's when the honey pine color was so popular.  Several people had painted it before me but it was a sad mess.  The drawer was broken and it just looked like it should be on the curb.  However, it was a solid, big table with great legs.

My client gave me an inspiration picture to follow which really helps with the creative process.  After fixing the drawer, I painted it brown on top, then blended the green she chose, followed by 3 coats of poly to protect it.  The bottom was painted cream and dirtied with a clear then a brown wax.

It looks fit for a room in 2014!  As happens often, it would fit great in my house!




A Little Cedar Chest Restoration - Just for Fun!

I really didn't have much hope to make this little chest look good.  However, the client picked a fun fabric and brought me some snazy handles to put on it.  Again, I was leery!

First I painted it a plain brown.  Then I glazed it with a cream color, followed by a heavy sanding to distress.  A final coating of finishing wax gave it a soft glow.  I added a board to pad and upholster, attaching it to the top with screws from underneath.  The handles were tied on with twine to add to the rustic feel.  I was pleasantly surprised at the final product!  She loves it too!



A Fresh Start for an Antique Sofa Table

This is by far my favorite update.  A young couple has been gathering old pieces of furniture to fill their new apartment.  This is the first of many pieces I am doing for them. 

I'm not sure how old it is but there are only little pegs holding it together.  Some minor repair made it sturdy again. A good sanding and staining on the top hid the deep scratches.  Then I topped it off with a good sealer.

The rest was painted, distressed and waxed to give it some depth and interest.  All the flaws are accented by the dark wax on this piece which only gives it more character.

I want this for my own!  Unfortunately, they won't give it to me!




A New Finish for a Tired Chest of Drawers!

This old chest of drawers has been on the road!  It served it's time in the original maple finish in the 50's, then went to college and painted white for a few new homes along the way. 

I had wanted to try this finish for a long time and finally met someone who was interested.  The dings and scratches only added to the charm once the dry brush in a darker shade was applied. 

The base coat is a blue gray, followed by a touch of gold and then a brownish shading.  Painting the brass drawer pulls an oil rubbed bronze updated them.  The result gave it a fresh look similar to what you see on the market today. 



Restoring a beautiful table top!

This beautiful table was ruined by a melted scented wax deodorizer, the type you plug in a wall.  It was accidentally put on this table top while it was still hot.  As you can see, it ate the finish right off!  The owner was extremely upset by this because it is a solid cherry table that is part of a set that she had invested in some years ago.

I sanded it down to the bare wood, stained 3 times to achieve the perfect match, then topcoated and finally, used a finish wax.  Sanding between each step gave it that smooth finish and feel that it had originally.  Good as new!

Seems like I am doing a lot of staining lately!


She did not bring the drawer so it wasn't available for this final picture.